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There are some changes happening over here with regards to decorating. I’ve grown tired of the old decor and over the last few months I’ve been removing certain things like pillows and art, and switching it out for new. It’s the groundwork for how I designed our house – major things like couches, carpets and drapes are relatively safe and neutral. But elements like pillows and art that are easily and inexpensively interchangeable, are where I get my colour. I’m not in a financial position to redecorate my house (carpets, paint, drapes, new couch colour) whenever I feel like switching things up (which isn’t that often) but this way of decorating suits my fleeting obsessions with certain colours.I’ve taken away all of the pillows on the kitchen bench, and also, in our living room. So I’m now on the hunt for new pillows. Etsy is my go to place for pillows because you can often find ridiculously awesome fabrics that I couldn’t afford a single yard of, in pillow form on this site. So here are some of my top picks for potential candidates for the house. I’ll show more examples of changes in the house soon, I’ve just been delinquent in taking actual “photos”.

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