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Our front porch planters that I’ve blogger about here and here didn’t make it through this season. So sad. 🙁 The metal rusted and dirt started spilling out the bottom earlier this week.  When I was at Lowes this week  I spotted these plastic planters that were gooooorgeous. They don’t look like plastic at all. They were $88 each – which depending on how you look at it could be ridiculously expensive, or, a great deal. As I told Aubrey – similar styled planters would run a few hundred at places like Restoration Hardware. Granted – you may be able to find less expensive ones elsewhere but I have yet to see any that looked this good and were of this quality for any less than what we spent.

In other landscaping news, I’ve put on hold my intentions to tear up my front lawn. Truthfully – I don’t really have it in me to do the labour, and I’m not overly confident that my initial design idea was right. I’m now considering maybe 1 tall tree and a boulder of some sort. But I think on the list of priorities this is pretty low.

And lastly – Our front deck needs replacing …. badly. As you can see above it is carpeted and also has no railings. It’s a bit of a safety concern for me with Oscar – as I worry he’ll fall off. But design wise, I think our home would look beautiful with a railing. It’s not a project that is totally in vain – the deck has developed some soft spots and does need addressing over the next year…

Anyhow, my real intention of this post was to rave about my new planters. 🙂 Have a great weekend – Sunday is my birthday. Wheeee!! 😉

In other news — thank you for “liking” me on facebook. I’ve also made my Instagram feed public which you may have noticed on the sidebar of my blog if you visit my actual blog to read my posts. I’m still trying to find balance with my concerns with over-sharing and on the other side of things – my love of technology and photography. So hopefully I’ll balance it well. xo

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