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I’m still at my Mom’s house and I’m having a blast. I’m feeling so relaxed. Having a set of hands around to help with Oscar is the nicest treat. Whether it is my Mom, Brother, Sister, soon to be Sister in Law, or Aubrey who comes up at night to help, I’m not short of someone to lend a hand or just be a playmate for the little guy. I also adore having the company of family – there have been a lot of laughs and wedding talk as we get closer to my brother’s wedding next September.

My Mom has a pool and Oscar and I have been swimming daily. My Mom has taken Oscar out on a few occasions to do some grocery shopping and encouraged me to just go for a walk and get a coffee – solo. Moments like that are really, really appreciated. I’m a little sad to move home because the support, and the fun that we’re having will be greatly missed. Ok, all of that being said,  I need to clarify that I’m a 15-20 minute drive from my Mom’s house so I shouldn’t be overly dramatic about moving home because I see my family all the time. 🙂

In other news (*there isn’t much news happening here lately) Mom and I went to HomeSense today and I quickly peeked at their kids art section to see what was new and I did a little happy dance (as I tend to do) when I saw that my Spring/Summer collection was on the shelves. A lot of my art is inspired by Oscar or sayings I say to Oscar – so I sometimes want to buy them all to put in his room. But I have to refrain from that as I have zero wall space left for art. Oscar excitedly exclaimed “See Mommy’s art!?”, which made my heart swell.

So back to the reason why I’ve camped out at my Mom’s house — our bathroom reno. The bathroom is at the tiling stage – although we had hoped that I would move back to a finished washroom, I’m going to move back next week even though it’s not totally done. I’m in vacation mode at my Mom’s — and unfortunately I think it’s time I got back to reality. (Booooo)

Last night I went to a Summer Preview at West Elm, had dinner with Debra, which I’ll show you some pictures of next week. Anyhow, that’s really all that has been happening. Oh, and maybe a lot of this…

(A lot of teaching Oscar that we have to be nice to Andrew. Yes. The cat’s name is Andrew)

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