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game changer – vanities part two

It seems I published my post on vanities a full day too early because this morning my Mom and I too a trip to Tubs on a whim to look at what they had in stock and I may have fallen in love. Truthfully I wasn’t going with much hope – I thought they’d be well out of our budget but at the encouragement of someone via the comments in one of my posts, I decided to go. Well, this visit was a wee bit of a game changer.

Tubs has *the* style of vanity I was getting quotes for from cabinet makers. In the store – in stock, were modern vanities in walnut – and most come with drawers. I snapped a ton of photos and may have flipped about the find. The prices are pretty great, they come with sinks (which means I don’t have to go hunting for a sink and counter) and they come in walnut, my favourite look.

Above you can see some that I liked – The top left is out of the running as one drawer isn’t enough for our home.  But it is beautiful and reminds me of a hotel. The one on the top right is gorgeous but I really dislike the handles and the handle placement – I asked if we could get the unit without the handles but that wasn’t an option. So that’s likely out of the running. The one on the bottom left likely is what we’d go with if we decide it’s a go – the one you see there is 24″ but we’d get it 27″ and in walnut. Again, the drawer handles aren’t my favourite but we could potentially swap them out. The one on the bottom right is hands down my favourite but has two issues. First it’s 2″ too big and second of all – it doesn’t come with drawers – something I really think we need. But I adore that bottom shelf at the bottom.

Decisions, decisions. This is totally more modern than the rest of our house but it’s a look I love, and think it suits a small washroom design. More to come I’m sure over the next few days.

Ps., I’m actually writing this post AT my Mom’s house because I’m flipping out so much about the find. 🙂

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