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In December I wrote about my desire to keep Oscar’s life private , but I did mention that he wouldn’t be totally removed from my blog. Hopefully I’ll find a way to share my love of being his Mom, but also find the balance of respecting his privacy. Here are some pictures from the last week –

Top Row: Playing in the laneway in his new red boots (Reminds me of this post). I love this shot of Oscar and my Mom, playing with shipping tubes (aka the microphone / car tunnel.) 

Middle Row: Eating home made Popsicles while watching TV and beside that, a shot of us napping in my bed. We’re back to napping after a 2 month hiatus (thank goodness*),

Bottom Row: going shopping for his very first “basketball” with Aubrey – Oscar waved goodbye to me right before this shot was taken. It was clearly an excursion for just he and his Dad.  (Which I loved) And the last photo was taken after Oscar woke from a nap, and I was carrying him downstairs. I don’t know why I snapped it but I rarely get photos of Oscar and I. I wanted to capture our snuggling. The iphone selfies with Oscar are probably my favourite photos ever. 😉

Anyhow, for other Moms (Dads, or caregivers) here are some links that liked related to the topic of parenting. 

This article made me laugh. 

 Have you seen Reasons my son is crying?

I can relate. And lastly, my friend Steph posted this on Facebook  and it was a good reminder that less is more. 

*The napping thing has thrown me for a loop. He started resisting naps in January and we thought he dropped them for good. Then lately he’s been cranky come afternoon, that we started trying to force the nap again. Which the past week has worked, but it means he’s in bed at night so much later. Honestly, I can’t figure it out. I think I’ll take a kid that naps that goes to bed later (and is happier) – than making him stay up  exhausted, to go to bed early (and be cranky). I’m sure we’ll figure it out. 

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