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So just a few Easter things going on over here. First, it’s worth re posting this project that will occupy your time with the littles this week. Simple DIY painted rocks that look like Easter Eggs will give you hours of fun and not to mention some pretty cool decorations for the house. I’ll probably be heading to the beach to collect new rocks with Oscar to do this all over again. Here is a link to the original post.  See more of our decorating around the house after the jump.

I picked up these two candle holders at William Sonoma on Saturday. I typically buy things in threes but a set of two of these was just shy of $20 so I opted for just two in our house. I decided to just let them be little “ah-ha’s” in our Easter decorating vs. being a major part of a tablescape. Aren’t they sweet? They would be equally as cute for a baby’s first birthday or a baby shower. (You can tell I was justifying the purchase in my head)

I’ve pulled out my Easter bunny that I picked up for Oscar’s first Easter from Ddavis Objects here in Toronto and it continues to be something I look forward to bringing out and having on display. Even though I love my classic decor I can’t resist the super kitchy decorations from the dollar store so the house has some of them hanging up.  (Like this awesome pouf one of the Easter Bunny)

That is so far our Easter decorating in our house. 🙂

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