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washroom planning – bumping out a wall

I adore our house but our washroom is pretty small. A downside of semi-detached homes in our area. It isn’t that bothersome but with a renovation coming up we’re trying to think through every possible solution to gain more space. Truthfully there isn’t much we can do. 

When we first moved into the house we considered moving the entire washroom wall more into the hallway. You’d gain more bathroom, but loose a significant amount of hallways space. Recently my Mom suggested to just enlarge the unused space behind the bathroom door (as shown where Aubrey is standing). In the washroom this is where the vanity is, and if we could bump this area out into the hallway, we’d we able to sink the vanity into this wall and gain really valuable floor space in the bathroom.  Confused? It’s hard to visualize. Thankfully for us, my Mom’s house has two washrooms that have had this done when they renovated, so we have some visuals on how this would look in our washroom. Take for instance Mom’s basement washroom….

As you can see, the sink area butts into the room behind it. This means the narrow washroom has an awesome large sink and doesn’t impose upon the walkway. Genius.

On Mom’s main floor she has a little powder room that is gorgeous – again, with the vanity being sunken into the wall, creatively hidden in the library behind it.

So this is what we’re thinking. Again, I’m a wee bit terrified of the idea of changing a footprint but I think for not *that* much more money we’ll gain a lot of space.

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