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New York International Gift Fair

The main reason for the trip to NYC this past week was to attend the New York International Gift Fair. Although I’ve attended gift shows in the past, this was my first “big” show and I wanted to see if I could find some new items to broaden the selection in my shop.  Here are a few booths that I drooled over – As you’ll notice they are more decor related (what can I say, I’m a decor nut) but I did find some little gift items to bring into the store later in February. With me came my Mom, and Elise – a longtime friend who now lives in NYC but a few years back interned for me.

[PICTURES ABOVE] [1] Spoon Chandelier via Cake. (Picture taken by Elise) [2] Uncle Goose Toys are ridiculously gorgeous. I’m sure I’ve seen their stuff around before but after seeing the products in person I’m obsessed [3] BlaBla dolls will always be a favourite of mine – I loved how they were all displayed on the wall [4] The entire line (bedding and clothing) by Roberta Roller Rabbit  made my heart skip a beat. [5] Dash and Albert Poufs. Need I say more? [6] This print Fairhope Graphics caught my eye. Beautiful for a nursery.

[7] Jonathan Adler always brings to the table awesome colourful designs – I wanted to walk away with that turtle stool! [8] I first noticed Barr-Co. in Chapters here in Toronto and have since been a fan of their packaging and branding [9] Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks appeal to the typography nut in me. I’d love to pick this up for our house for a coffee table decor – it’s just awesome. [10.] I always wanted the Jonathan Adler giraffe lamp for Oscar’s room but it was always too expensive for me to justify, but I loved how they paired the lamp with the bright table.

Anyhow, those are some of the booths that I loved at the show. I’ll post more of the exploring I did in the city next week. xo Linds

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