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2013 – wrapping up the renos

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It’s no surprise that when the new year rolled in Aubrey and I found ourselves talking renovations and projects we would like to accomplish for the upcoming year. Our little fixer upper that we bought in 2008 is almost done being renovated. It seems like yesterday that the big red bin was delivered and we started doing this…

Fast forward to today and we’ve renovated each room with the exception of one….our main washroom. Although we’ve done some temporary fixes to the room, the washroom has been put on the back burner because of finances being needed elsewhere. But for reasons that I’ll elaborate more on next week, it has moved rather quickly to a project that should be done in the next few months. So we’re gearing up for another reno.

Also on the list are some minor projects like decorating the TV Room, fixing our front porch and potentially adding a shed in the backyard. So there are the projects for 2013. A Bathroom renovation, TV room decorating project, front porch overhaul and backyard shed….maybe. 😉

I’ll show you some ideas for the washroom next week. I’m still sorting out ideas and trying to figure out how to make it a special little space in our house. Have a nice weekend! xo Linds

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