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With orders wrapped up, I closed down the shop at the end of last week and totally unplugged. No e-mails to my phone, no checking twitter, no reading blogs. I needed a little break from it all. Over the last week we’ve celebrated my Brother’s birthday, my half birthday, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas, and our Boxing Day dinner. I pretty much moved into my Mom’s house. I’m taking the next week to continue this – just relaxing and trying to stay away from the office/computer and finish up on some craft projects. Here are some shots of the holidays in our house. Hope you all had a wonderful time with those you love. xo Lindsshots above/ my brother’s birthday balloons / totally forgot to mail our christmas cards – it was one of those years / craft project in the works / note by my Mom on the dishwasher…she has the best outlook / my little guy / snow!

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