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bits + pieces

This week was packed full of fun. Here is a recap of what hasn’t gotten blogged about. 🙂

  • Aubrey celebrated his birthday this week! Birthday breakfast for Aubrey included scrambled eggs and smoothies. Orange juice was served in my new, awesome glass orange juice container from Shannon. It’s insanely awesome. Pssst. She has an Etsy shop that you should bookmark. 
  • Gifts for Aubrey wrapped by Mom – it comes to no surprise that Mom wraps the same way I do. 😉 Love that stripe ribbon
  • Every day we’re taking orders from the shop to the post office, although this will slow down a lot over the next week as shipping deadlines pass. Ps., There is a sale section in the shop, of ready to ship items that are on sale.
  • I cut some white felt for Oscar’s train table and added some dollar store trees. The trains pick up the trees and move them around and deliver them to kids. That’s Oscar’s story line – not mine. 😉
  • I moved his train table from the living room to the basement/studio so it could go on top of my coffee table. He likes walking around the table and plus, it allows me to get some e-mail replies in, while he happily plats with his Thomas and friends. 
That’s it! Have a great weekend. xo Linds

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