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quartz countertops revisited

You may recall that choosing a countertop for our kitchen renovation took up a series of blog posts. I loved the look of Carrara marble but felt that it wasn’t very practicle for our household.  Even if sealed properly marble is prone to staining and etching. Over the course of a few months I narrowed down my counter top options to three contenders that gave me the look of Cararra Mable, but without the upkeep or worry of staining. As you now know because we revealed our kitchen, I chose Caesarstone in Misty Carrara. So why post it again?

I’m surprised at the amount of traffic my blog gets by people searching alternatives to carrara marble. It’s obvious I’m not the only one that goes through the stress of wondering what counter top material to pick. Some people e-mail to ask whether we still love our counters as much as we did when they were installed and I can tell you it was the best decision to go with quartz. (I love, love the counter) But what made me want to re post this was that I watched this new online episode featuring Sarah Richardson, talking about counters – specifically quartz – that you may find helpful. It was also a nice confirmation of what we chose, to hear Sarah herself give the same reasons to go with quartz as we said a few months ago. 🙂

Just to remind you, here is a helpful page I ripped out of House & Home. Quartz falls under Engineered Stone.

See our kitchen “after” in this post if you want to remind yourself to how the Quartz looks in our house. Hope this helps my fellow kitchen renovators! xo Linds

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