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prepping for gift show

I’m getting ready for the gift show next week so my dining room is filled with boxes of stock and my dining room table is acting as a pretend display table. It feels like chaos. For someone that likes organization + order, this is driving me a little bit insane.

I’m not a stranger to shows, but it has been awhile so I feel a wee but rusty. I used to do the BIG shows and have BIG displays. Pop up signs, lights, tables, I thought that you had to look bigger for people to take you seriously. But this time I’m doing things a bit differently. Maybe it’s a comfort in my own skin and after 8 years I’ve hit my groove. I’m scaling back on the investment of booth displays and going a little more organic. I don’t feel like the booth has to stand out as much as I feel like the product will instead. It also is economical this change – the less money I invest in display, the more I profit from sales at the show. I’m keeping things simpler this year, and it feels nice.

Once I’ve come up with a layout I’m happy with I’ll snap photos much like I’ve shown above so I can remember the layout when I go to set up next week. And then everything gets back back into boxes so I can transport it to the show.

Is it crazy to say I’m feeling exhausted and it’s only November 7th? 😉
xo Linds

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