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The gift show is done and overall it was pretty fun & successful. Here is our weekend via pictures.

[No. 1] The booth. You can spot my Mom helping me set up. I made that paper magnolia wreath hanging in the background.  [No. 2] Example of my herringbone ribbon  mixed with an Enjoy Stamp [both sold out the first few hours of the show]    [No. 3] Mix greenery + twine + bells and a stamped tag and you have insta-holiday decor.   [No. 4] My brother made me the coolest ipad stand for the show. It ran a slide show of photographs of my products to help illustrate ideas on how to combine products. He’s amazing.  [No. 5] Being a Mom that chases after a very active 2.5 year old and working from home I don’t invest much in my wardrobe. This show forced me into a last minute shopping spree. New necklace from Joe Fresh + the best black dress from the Gap Outlet. It was a pretty awesome steal. PS., I’m so awkward taking self portraits   [No. 6] I love the mixture of the burlap bag with bells + herringbone ribbon.

Thanks to those who came by to say hello. It was really an honour to meet you and I hope I wasn’t a total spaz. Annnnnd …… it’s back to crazyness in my studio. xo Linds

Ps., This show was possible because of my amazeball family. Mom stayed with me the entire time. She never left my side except to find emergency coffee sources when I started to fade. I can’t believe my brother made me that ipad stand in a week. And then you have my little sister who was cheering me on via text messages all weekend. And last but not least you have Aubrey who stayed home with Oscar for three days straight so I could do this show. Team effort. 

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