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Mom Tip // Banana Popsicles

This may be the silliest post I’ll ever do. But I decided to post it because it has been such a huge hit in our house.

Last year when Oscar was teething my Mom froze some banana slices. They were the best for his poor teeth. Have you ever had frozen banana? It’s AWESOME. They are super cold, but still chewy. So the other day while organizing my baking drawer I found my sticks that I used for my “5 Minute Cake Pops”. I decided to make banana Popsicles for Oscar. Sure enough, Oscar goes “bananas” for them. (Sorry, had to say that) He keeps asking for “Banana Popsicles” and thinks they are such a treat. Way healthier than the sugary stuff. 🙂 Seriously – best thing ever. Just a tip for Moms out there. xo

Side note: My friend Steph reminded me to The Bluth family’s Banana Stand  (Arrested Development).

Ps., I felt ridiculous taking good shots of this. Seriously, here is me cutting a banana, putting it on a stick – so I used my phone. Seemed more appropriate. 😉

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