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Ikea Hack, Trash Pullout

Ikea Kitchen, Garbage Bin

One of our favourite Ikea hacks in our new kitchen is the trash pullout.  We tried to go with the system Ikea sells but we think their bins are way too small. We didn’t want to be taking out the recycling/garbage twice a day.

Here is how Aubrey created something way better….

He ordered a base cabinet that was 18″ wide and came with a full height door. He added on one large drawer unit (18″ Rationell.) He installed that drawer unit at the very bottom, and attached the door. This allowed us to use the Rubbermaid bins that you see above. They are 16″ x 11″ (about twice the size of Ikea’s largest bin) and available in most hardware/home improvement stores. Ta-da! Awesome.

This is a perfect example of how you have to think about functionality when you are designing your kitchen. Imagine yourself actually using it on a day to day basis. Aubrey did, he’s the one that takes out the garbage.

You don’t have to stick to what’s available – take what a big box store offers, and improve it.

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