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So, um – where’s our kitchen reveal photos? Although we’re using (and loving) our new kitchen it’s still not 100% done. So the reveal is delayed because I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and I don’t want to reveal until everything is installed. We’re almost there. Aubrey is still trying to find time to do the valance (what hides the under cabinet lighting) and he promised me we’ll have it done soon. Anyways,  I snapped some photos from around the kitchen to at least show you that I’m still going to reveal it … hopefully sooner than later.

Clockwise from Top Left: [1] Can you tell where this spot is in our kitchen? If you’ve followed my blog you’ll know that this was inspired by some dreamy kitchen men on TV. [2] Best decision ever to have 1 large sink vs. a sink split into two. I love, love it. Excuse the dishes, but it does show you how deep and awesome it is. [3] Our morning ritual. Oscar pretending his watermellon slices are cars. This is the table I’m thinking of staining darker  [3] Wall of Tile – Best decision also. It’s gorgeous. 🙂

I can tell you – the kitchen is goooorgeous. 😉 It’s worth the wait.

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