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Ikea Hack – Gold Frames

Happy weekend. Since I just showed you my trick of how to get the best looking gold frames, here is a post that will give you some inspiration using Ikea. First of all I love Ikea frames – they are economical and are offered in a variety of interesting sizes so you can create interesting displays on your wall. I’m regularly hacking Ikea frames. (Remember this piece?) Above is an example of my latest DIY project, turning an Ikea frame to be a gold shadow box with modern art. 

Step 1: Start with this Shadow Box Frame from Ikea

Step 2: The frame is three parts. [1] The frame [2] The shadow box insert and [3] matting. Paint the frame gold. See my tutorial here. Spray paint the shadow box insert (#2) black and you can leave the matting white, in the photo above I experimented with spray painting it black – which worked, but wasn’t the look went with for the end project.

Step 3: For the art, I had left over paint swatches that I loved, and simply put them behind the matting… creating some mod art. Just collect swatch colours you like and start arranging them behind the matting – occasionally flipping over the mating to see how your arrangement looks.

That’s it! I think it’s a pretty good Ikea hack. Living room is still coming together…  🙂
xo Linds

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