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mini donuts

I got the itch to make mini donuts after seeing some gorgeous ones on Pinterest (like a pin from Sprinkles Bakes.) I really enjoy to bake simple mini treats. (Like these) Anyways I ended up finding some donut trays on and immediately bought two. To my surprise, the order arrived 24 hours later at my doorstep. (And I picked regular shipping too – not express!) Seriously, I’m doing most of my shopping online these days because of that kind of service. Anyways, back to the treats…for photos from the baking with some tips (if you want to make your own) then more after the jump.

Before I get into it, I don’t know if I would recommend the tray I bought. It was really hard to get the donuts out (not sure if that is because of the pan, or because of my baking skills) and the pans warped a little in the oven. Booo. So if you’re going to get some for your kitchen take a look at the other styles that are available or maybe get this one because it looks like it would be REALLY easy to get the donuts out. Anyhow, it was a fun morning with Oscar. For other tips and photos from the baking adventure you can read more below….

The trays
very excited to break the eggs

Filling up the pans. (I wiped them down before going into the oven)

Tip – don’t fill up the pans too much otherwise they tend to overflow. Less is better. Whoops.

It makes a little “muffin top” on the donuts if you have too much batter in the tray. I cut the muffin top away with scissors.

I dipped the donuts in a thin icing (not too thin, but not too thick) and he added sprinkles on top

That’s it. 🙂 Apart from enjoying it myself, Oscar had fun. Although he kept calling them bagels.

Wouldn’t these be cute at a baby shower? I do think mini donut trays should be a part of the baking drawer.

😉 xo Linds

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