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grouting surprises

Grouting the kitchen backsplash is complete. 🙂  We had a little surprise when the grouting was done – Although the container from Home Depot said “Bright White” as you can see in the image below, it definitely isn’t bright white.

It’s kind of gray …. no?

Thankfully it was a happy surprise. For the longest time our kitchen was being used without grout and the spacing between the tiles made it look like we had done gray grouting. The look was growing on me and I was nervous to go completely white with the grout. But we did – partially because I like to play it safe. When Aubrey was done the grouting I said to him cautiously – “It looks kind of gray doesn’t it?” He agreed, but then we kind of moved on because we both liked the look. It also plays well with the Caesarstone Misty Carrara countertop.So conclusion to the pre-mixed grout? Awesome as there is little cleanup and you can use what you need, and put the rest away. Downside – the colour was a wee-bit off from the label. 😉

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