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first shoe shopping experience

Oscar sitting with my Mom, trying on his new shoes Oscar had a growth spurt and outgrew his shoes overnight. So we had a little outing and went to Olly Shoes. We lucked out and had a REALLY great sales guy who was calm and knew how to approach Oscar. New experiences for toddlers can be met with great delight, or a mega freakout – so I approached this experience with great trepidation (Oscar doesn’t really sit still for anyone.) I captured his first shoe shopping experience (and calm moment) with my phone. After picking out his shoes my Mom bought him a treat at Starbucks and a little new toy digger at the toy store to celebrate the milestone. 🙂

We picked out some Jude See Kai Run shoes. They are the exact same style that he had last year that were given to him by Fulton Sales. I was so impressed at the quality of the shoes I decided to just buy the exact same pair. Easy as pie.

A friend commented that some health professionals don’t recommend using hand me down shoes on toddlers. Do you buy new shoes for your or do you buy hand me downs? I’ve never hesitated using hand me downs (Oscar wore a great pair of running shoes from a friend up until the Spring) but I wondered what other parents did.

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