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Sunday, July 8th, 2012 was my Dad’s birthday – the first birthday of him not being here with us. On this day we celebrated him at a reception in his honour hosted by Trent University. As part of the event, a bridge was named “The Stephenson Bridge” – after Dad and Mom. It was named for Dad for all of his dedication to the University, and to Mom for her support behind the scenes, allowing Dad to dedicate so much time to Trent over the years.
The ceremony started Sunday afternoon with Professor Tom Symons giving a lovely introduction to his connection to Dad and ended with the loveliest of toasts by the past Director of Alumni Affairs Tony Storey who asked the crowd that we raised our glasses and say with great enthusiasm  …. “To Robert”.  To hear a crowd of people toast my Dad was really a special moment and ended the event as Dad would have loved – with laughter and happiness.

Trent has a special place in our family, for a variety of reasons – too many to write. But I grew up wandering the campus . As Dad would attend board meetings my brother sister and I would explore the hidden areas of the campus with my Mom. It was on these visits that I developed my love of architecture. Dad would often explain to me how the campus was designed by Ron Thom, whose work was deeply influenced by Frank Lyod Wright. Wandering the campus, you’d feel that influence immediately. Trent is also where I received my Bachelor of Arts, and where Aubrey proposed to me. Above is a picture of my Brother and Oscar walking along the bridge that has been named “The Stephenson Bridge” In the distance you can see Lady Eaton College, the college that I lived at for two years. Trent’s college system is modeled after Oxford University. (Read more on the college system here) During the reception Oscar was entertained in a guest suite overlooking the event. He’d occasionally pop up into the window and wave at the crowd.The architecture at Trent is absolutely gorgeous. If I were to build a home from the ground up (which Aubrey and I would love to do one day) it will most certainly be inspired by Trent. Thank you to Trent University for the amazing event, it meant a lot to my family to have such a lovely dedication in honour of my Dad.

xo Lindsay

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