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When to hire help….

We’re still making progress on the kitchen! 🙂 In my last post you saw the cabinets installed – they were installed by two (awesome) guys from Eureka! Furniture and Assembly. Although we’re handy people and can do many projects on our own, we know when to hire help. Hiring for the cabinet installation was money well spent.  Although you can hire Eureka to build & install your Ikea cabinets we hired them only for the installation. We had them in for one day, and they were AMAZING. Highly, highly recommend.

See more photos of the installation day after the jump.

Although this company recommendation is for Toronto area readers, I think that my advice can be applicable regardness of where you live. By calling around and going with someone other than the “recommended” installers from Ikea, we were able to find someone that was willing to work with our timeline and budget like we did with Eureka. I popped down the afternoon that they were installing and I was super impressed – They were really helpful, kind, courteous, and worked alongside Aubrey really well. I have no problem recommending this company to others – loved them!

xo Linds

Ps., Ikea installers won’t come in just to install cabinets, they have to be a part of the building process too. Eureka was happy to come in and be part of just the installation.

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