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packed up and moved on out….

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On Saturday I moved into my Mom’s (1) – a few days earlier than we originally planned. The explosion of kitchen items into every room of the house for safe keeping/storage started to make me feel anxious. I function best with order and little mess so that environment wasn’t great for me. Or Oscar. So we packed our bags and moved on out. (I joke that it was much like this IKEA commercial…. start the car!!!)

Aubrey comes up at night to visit us and we wait with great anticipation at the door. (4) Thankfully Oscar is really familiar with my Mom’s house so it not a huge transition but the nighttime routine has been really hard. 🙁 A lot of crying. Yay.

Demolition of the kitchen began today (2)  – my brother had the day off work so headed over to the house to help Aubrey take down the plaster walls and ceiling … and plumbing. (Thanks Pete!) Since I’m not there at the house it’s a little hard to document via pictures, so I’m replying on Aubrey to be the record keeper. My Mom, Oscar and I drove down to take a quick visit to see how it was going (3) and it’s looking good!

Anyhow, just a little update via pictures. xo Linds

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