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front hall tile

As I wrote about here, we made 1 major design mistake when we first renovated our house: We had hardwood installed all the way to the front door. What we really should have done was have installed tile by the front door – considering we live in Canada and we knew we were going to have kids. (Messy boots, dirt, mud, snow)

Because we were having a hardwood guy come to install new hardwood in the kitchen – we asked him to remove a section of the wood floor in the front hall. The photo shows the hardwood torn out and a new piece of wood installed to divide where the hardwood is, and where the new tile will eventually go.

My task is to find tile. I went to Saltillio Tile and was in heaven. Now only was their selection gorgeous, but their service was amazing. It walked out with samples, and a lot of helpful advice as to what tiles to pick. For us we’re leaning towards the porcelain tiles because of easy maintenance and lower cost. With that out of the way, we have to narrow it down to a tile – light vs. dark.  Although the light is beautiful it really chops up the flooring. In a small house I think having continuous tones (especially on floors) makes it seem larger. So I think we’re leaning towards the darker porcelain tile.

Just the daily design decisions going on!

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