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Here’s what didn’t get blogged about this week, documented with my iPhone.

  • Last Sunday was the local schools Fun Fair. So fun.
  • Went to Fairbank Lumber to pick crown moulding for above the kitchen cabinets.
  • We kept talking about balloons leading up to Oscar’s birthday. Although we had tons on the first floor to him, I made sure we had 1 red balloon for when he woke up in his room. He flipped out. (In a good way)
  • I love this skirt I picked up at The Gap for BlogPodium. So comfy.
  • Love this photobooth idea for babies. SO cute.

Have a lovely weekend! I’m packing two suitcases up for Oscar and I to move into Mom’s. I have a little giveaway for you that I was going to to post prior to Oscar’s Birthday but I’m a little nutty around here with the kitchen reno, so it will go up tomorrow. 🙂 xo Linds

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