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Monday morning all of our Ikea cabinets were delivered….yay! We ordered our Ikea cabinets over the phone/e-mail and paid to have them shipped to our house (compared to going into the store, finding the items, checking out and loading them into our car.) Best decision ever. There were not glitches (that we know of yet) and the service from Ikea was absolutely amazing. The only issue we had was with the delivery company that Ikea uses to deliver their orders. It wasn’t a great experience, but in the end we have our cabinets.

What’s next? We debated hiring a company to come and build & install all the cabinetry. We found that the standard rate for building & installing Ikea cabinetry was $100.00 per cabinet. The approximate cost for us was going to be approximately $2,000.00

This is where Aubrey and I had different views on the kitchen renovation. I wanted to hire someone to come in and do all the work – build the Ikea cabinets and installation. Aubrey on the other hand saw this as a cost saving area – if he built the cabinets himself and hired someone just to do to install, we’d save a significant amount of money. When you cut down on the time a trade has to spend on a project, you end up saving money. In the end, Aubrey won on that decision. He’s building them tonight — I give him an A+ for effort on this one. So far so good and we’re on schedule!

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