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weekend photos

weekend photos

This past weekend was really lovely. It was a long weekend here in Canada, which meant for cottages, BBQ’s and parties. I had some time away from the computer that I think I desperately needed – and now I’m craving it a little but more. 🙂 Anyhow, here are some photos from the weekend:[Photo 1]. Neighbours hosted a laneway party/bbq and had a bouncy castle. Oscar’s face says it all.

[Photo 3-4] We drove up to the cottage to get the docks into the water. It takes a lot of muscle to do it – thankfully my brother and Aubrey rallied together to get it done. It was a hard weekend as Dad was absent but seeing the joy of the cottage through Oscar’s eyes made me realize we have a lot of happy memories to come.

[Photo 2] At night Aubrey and I curled up on the couch at the cottage and snuck some bowls of ice cream, , read books, (Aubrey on his Kobo) and listening to the loons on the water.

Just a lot of happy memories this weekend, seeing excitement and new things through Oscar’s eyes. xo Linds

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