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Under Cabinet Lighting

In addition to doing pot lights in the ceiling we’re doing under cabinet lights. We have them right now in our kitchen and I couldn’t go a day without using them. But they weren’t here when we moved in – we simple installed some Ikea plug in puck lights. Super easy, no hard wiring involved, but that small improvement made such a huge difference that we knew we would plan for hardwired lights for the reno. I love having under cabinet lighting.

After looking into it there seemed to be a lot of lighting options to consider. So I did a little research …..I drove over to my Mom’s and asked what she had. 🙂 After some inspection it turns out she had Xenon lights. It’s what her super awesome contractor recommended, and I kind of trust everything he picks. So, that was easy. The colour Xenon lights cast is fabulous, and after a google search, it turns out The Home Depot has them. Whoop!

On one of our weekly trips to the store, we popped into the lighting aisle and saw this. Genius.

I wish I had known about this display before spending hours in front of the computer trying to figure out bulbs and lighting. This display is perfect. Anyhow, if you’re interested in lighting, I snapped the details of each set for you, for your own research that you can read after the jump. So many choices for a little bitty bitty kitchen.

 [Above, what we’re going with]

 I hope this helps!xo Lindsay

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