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Yellow & Green Bedroom from Gossip Girl

Just a little decor inspiration to start off the week. We have the TV Show Gossip Girl set up to record weekly. Some weeks I just delete it without watching and other weeks I end up watching it when nothing else is on.

For some reason this past week my heart skipped a little when I saw Serena’s bedroom. I’ve seen the room a hundred times before but for some reason it struck a cord this week and I have decided that I think I need a little buttercup yellow bedding (or is that gold?) in our Master Bedroom. The whole room is lovely – the grass cloth wallpaper, the green chairs. In love. I’ve been googling for bedding choices online to see if I can find something similar to put into our room. (Would love any recommendations if you have any)

The set design is done by Christina Tonkin who put all of the Gossip Girl photos into one section for you to browse.

All photos via  Christina Tonki

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