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Oscar's Playhouse

Oscar’s (early) 2nd Birthday gift is now in place in a little magical corner of our garden. With Oscar showing great interest in playing house the past few months with blankets and forts we thought that it would be a perfect gift for his birthday – something that was just his. My Mom and I searched websites for a few months, we saw some building plans – and although they looked super cute and building it from scratch would be lovely – the price of wood would have likely made it a non-economical choice for us, and secondly – we just didn’t have the time to start building one from scratch. My Mom and I and finally found this one online at for $399.99

with free delivery.

I liked the features that the body is wood, and it blends in nicely with our backyard decor. We wanted something that was imaginative for him, but would fit in nicely with our garden. I don’t think that once you have kids, you have to throw your love of design out the window. This one I felt was perfect, as it is tucked into a little corner of the garden – under the trees which makes it really like a house in the woods.  Check out Oscar having a ball in the house. These photos are from when we led him outdoors to see his house for the first time.

If you’re interested in playhouses and why we liked this one click on read more to see some of the features we like. Tons of photos, so I try to do the “read more” when something is pretty “photo heavy”.

[Above] BBQ with dials that move

[Above] 2 removeable bins for sand and water

[Above] A sink with taps that move. There is also a pretend phone in the house and a doorbell that works (that we didn’t install batteries in – as I didn’t think it was necessary for imaginative play outside…plus it would drive me nuts]

[Above] Here is Aubrey beside it, you can see the relationship in size. Also a cute feature – it has a little basketball net – although that’s likely for later on down the road.

Totally worth it, and Oscar is LOVING it. 🙂

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