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I had the loveliest day on Wednesday. My Mom and I went out for a day of researching faucets, sinks and accessories for my kitchen renovation. It was rather a nice excursion as there was no pressure to make a decision -just a chance to just get a feeling for what was out there, pricing, and what I really wanted for our house. Here are my favourite items we found for faucets…

Photo 1: I loved the classic look of this faucet set. An associate approached me and in conversation she pointed out that with this faucet set, I’d have to be ok with the 2 handles- figuring out hot & cold compared to a lever where it’s pretty easy to just turn on and off. She was right. I’m not a 2 handle girl. I knew I needed a lever. So this one, was instantly out even though I had fallen for the look. But isn’t it lovely? Found at Gingers.

Photo 2: Love at first sight. This faucet costs more than our mortgage payment. I’m kind of kidding on that, but not really. Function wise it has a pull out function which I need, and style wise it falls into my love of a traditional kitchen. Sadly the cost I think is too prohibitive. Found at Taps

Photo 3: I think we may go for this one, or a tap very similar. I loved the function of this faucet. It was really easy to use the pull out, and move it around the sink. Since we’ll have a large sink (we’ve decided on 1 basin) it’s important to have a faucet that can easily get to every part of the sink when washing pots and pans. This one fits the bill.  I think that this one is the most logical for a family and it is very stylish. Found at Taps

My difficulty is that my taste is normally *very*traditional (like #2) so I’m a bit surprised at the fact that I do like the modern style of #3.  Decisions, decisions.

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