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Creative ways to visualize cabinets….

To give you a better idea of what I mean by extending the base cabinets – behold my pretend cabinet that was in my kitchen for a week. Oscar’s playhouse was delivered and sat in the eat in kitchen awaiting assembly. I realized that the box depth was right, and the length was close enough to give us an idea of how the extension of the cabinetry would look and feel like. And it was lovely. Now, keep in mind that it looks a bit longer than it actually will be. Right now in the picture above it looks like we’re doubling the counter space – which is incorrect. I  think it will be 48″ in total. I’ve shown my diagram with closed cabinetry but Aub and I are suckers for open book shelves – and are debating doing something like this…

Kitchen photo found on Pinterest | Original source found to be Palmerston Design Consultants
So we know 100% we’ll extend the base cabinetry but unsure as to whether it will be closed storage, open, or a combo of both.

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    Katie Anna
    April 7, 2012 at 12:18 am

    I love the look, the pale grey backsplash is lovely. I think it would also look lovely with a lighter countertop. I'm big into the marble white/grey swirl right now, but the dark could be lovely too. We were just at Ikea and they had all kinds of kitchens set up, was great for inspiration.

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