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Although we’re not 100% going with IKEA I’ll show you the drawings that we did via their online tool. “We” is wrong, Aubrey deserves recognition. I have found I have little patience for “exact” measurements. Which doesn’t really work in the world of kitchen planning.

My brilliant plan is visible on the North Wall. You can see we are extending base cabinetry into the eat in kitchen.  Why are we doing this?  Right now the fridge is in the eat in kitchen portion of the room as you can see from the photo of the “South Wall” above. A few people have encouraged us to move the fridge back into the formal kitchen area, but it would make the room feel so small and tight.

So we’re keeping the fridge in the eat in area but although it keeps the kitchen larger, it makes the eat in kitchen, and the “kitchen” feel like very separate spaces. My goal is to unify the two areas – which is why we thought of extending the base cabinetry along the North Wall.

But we have some little problems. The floor in the eat in area is slightly raised and the room is slightly more narrow than the kitchen. This makes it impossible to carry through the upper cabinets into the eat in area, and the only way we can extend the base cabinets by doing a little “Ikea Hacking”. (which we are ok with) But this would be solved if we went custom. To see what I mean about the two spaces [different heights etc] see the first picture in this post.

One problem that we’ve noticed is that we are also thinking of putting the microwave above the stove. The problem with stock cabinetry is that we’re running into issues of having space beneath the microwave which I don’t like. The downside of stock items – you have to work with what you have.

Anyhow, just showing you the stages we’re going through. I am giddy with excitement about it all!

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    modern jane
    April 3, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    I think that is genius. Good luck deciding on what to do!

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