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Best Buds. My Brother Peter, who Oscar affectionately calls "Uppa Pete

Best Buds. My Brother Peter, who Oscar affectionately calls “Uppa Pete

I’m posting this on Thursday night as I’m going to tomorrow to hang out with Oscar & play.  This week I’ve been continuing on my spring cleaning and actually focusing on my twitter list + removing people that I used to follow. Do you hate unfollowing people? I did for a bit. I fretted about hurt feelings but then I realized that likely no one even notices that I unfollowed and secondly – seriously – it’s twitter. (It’s a social media site, not the end of the world) I’ll be honest, I’ve been unfollowing the people who talk badly about others – twitter is a whole new arena for the “mean girl”. I’m much more quick with the unfollow button these days. Anyhow, that’s a whole other topic. Here is what didn’t get blogged.

  • My brother Peter (shown with Oscar above) is doing a Relay for Life for the Canadian Cancer Society. I’m proud of him so I want to show you his fundraising efforts. He also did a really sweet write up about my Dad. If you’d like to make a small donation, I’d be grateful, as Peter and obviously so would the Canadian Cancer Foundation.
  • We’re looking for a playhouse for Oscar I think for his 2nd birthday coming up. Do you think these are a wee bit over the top? [I think some people thought I was serious about this when I posted them on twitter] If I had unlimited money I may go for this one though.
  • I love this video. Are you a creative? I think you’ll enjoy this.

Have a great weekend. xo Lindsay

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