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Things you didn’t pay attention to…

There are a few times that I walk around my house, or maybe our neighbourhood and think to myself that there is something I absolutely, absolutely adore, that would be something on my must have list for my next house. And many times, these are things that weren’t even on my radar when we bought out current house.

One thing is the lane that is behind our house. On Tuesday it was so mild out, so we three went into the lane to play. And Oscar picked up a stick and started looking for “Turtles” – which he sweetly pronounces “Durtels”. Having a lane all of the sudden was a huge bonus in our house. I had a flash of seeing Oscar learning how to ride his bike later on in the lane. I saw an image of him playing hockey with Aubrey without the threat of incoming cars.  I just thought it was funny how this thing that I didn’t even focus on when buying the house suddenly became a major part of why I love the house. Have you ever had something of your house that you never really focused on when buying it, and all of the sudden it became a HUGE deal?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m signing off until Monday. xo Linds

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