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Gingerbread House


This past Saturday, Oscar and I decorated a gingerbread house, along with one of Oscar’s friends from the street. My friend and I each bought a pre-made gingerbread houses for the boys and stocked up on extra cool candy from the Bulk Barn. I whipped up some extra icing, got out my cake decorating bags (um, yes, I once took a cake decorating course with my Mom) and went to town. My idea of the perfect gingerbread house is recreating Hansel and Gretel’s house. To me, that is the perfect candy house imaginable, no? Oscar kind of  went bananas on sugar (oops), watched as I decorated, and playing with his buddy. Overall, an amazing time was had by all and will surely be a tradition we continue on. Want to see how excited Oscar was with the final product? …..

Sadly the house got thrown out Monday night. Oscar couldn’t handle seeing it every day, not understanding why he couldn’t eat it. Pointing at it saying “Houuuuuuuuuuuse”. I had my fun decorating it, and so I figued I got my moneys worth. And in the garbage it went. Sad, I know. But 1. I don’t like him eating candy so this was torture for him to see and 2. It was torture for me. The moment I snuck a piece off to eat, I knew it was game over and I had to toss it. Otherwise I’d be sitting on the couch with the house on my lap, eating it while watching TV. Yup. The garbage was the best place for it.

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