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mini family vacation

We have the luxury of being able to sometimes leave the city at a moments notice and take some time away. That’s what we did this past week, we headed up to the family cottage a bit early.

Aubrey, Oscar and I stumbled upon Brooks Farms on the way to the cottage, which was great fun – we did some apple picking and had our run of the whole place (We were the only ones there – I guess mid week, at 4pm not many people are out doing apple picking. 😉  We continued on to the cottage where we proceeded to have roaring fires, go for “toodles” (our lingo for a boat rides) make smores, do photography, and have fun with the entire family.

So, that’s where I was…a mini, somewhat impromptu vacation in the Canadian wilderness 🙂 Oh – and Ps., I know some bloggers get “guest bloggers” to fill a space while they are gone, but honestly, I’m not really all that concerned if there is silence – so I hope you don’t either. I blog because I like to write, not because I feel like I have to. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂  xo – Linds

Three photos, Oscar at Brooks Farms, Our Lake, My brother boating behind us and us taking photos of him from our boat.

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