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Front walkway – happening right now

Last January I did graphic design work for Bill Chandler from Chandler Landscaping + Contracting. You may know Bill from having seen his landscaping projects featured in Style at Home Magazine but I also have the luxury of knowing him from doing a major landscaping project on my parents beautiful house. At this point he feels like a friend of the family, so when he came up with a plan for my front yard as a gift last year, I was over the moon. [See the post here].  So, a reminder – here is the plan that he came up with for our front. I love the walkway how it goes up the middle of the lawn, vs. to the side. It then turns and has 2 HUGE stone stairs.


Although it wasn’t high on our priority list, I’m a huge beleiver that money should be invested in curb appeal. It’s essentially like an invitation to your party – it is someones first experience to your home. And, for resale (one day) I know that it will pay off. Bill was available and rather quickly we went from talking about it to saying “go for it”. And, this morning this is what we woke to….




EEEEEK! Due to budget, the plantings that he suggested aren’t happening. But that is something I feel confident that I can handle on my own. Installing stone, well, although Aub and I could do it, we’re at a time in the season where we are very busy (the Holiday season for work is picking up for me) and Aub is busy at work too.

The previous owners did the WEIRDEST things to the house. Like alternating colour walkways, and carpeting our front porch. Yes. Carpeted our front porch. Stay tuned for some more pictures. So excited!

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