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DIY (Fancy) Push Pins

When I was buying my upholstery tacks for my BIG bultin board at MacFab the other week, I noticed that they have a wall of the most amazing, amazing buttons.  I went back the other week and picked up the prettiest buttons I have ever seen and turned them into fancy push pins for my new bulletin board…

Although they technically can work as push pins they are they aren’t as easy to pull in and out as a regular tack. So I’m using them more as decoration. However — because they are so big and – they can actually hold heavy items like keys or necklackes. (So good idea for  a dressing room!)

Some Tips:

1. The bigger the button, the better.
2. Different Tack. The upholstery tack I used to go around the buttin board as decorative detail had rounded edges. Those won’t work well for this, because of the rounded head. For this project, although technically still upholstery tacks – they have a FLAT head, making it easier to appy to the button.
3. Take a look at the back of the button. Some buttons have little nubs at the back, which makes it hard to glue things onto it. It’s not impossible to use, just a little trickier.
4. Use Gorilla Glue  – it is THE best glue for this project. I tried a glue gun and although it works for a wee bit, it comes apart when you actually use the push pins.

I am now offically obsessed with buttons.

All Supplies from MacFab in Toronto

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