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No Sew Tent

I have had an obsession with teepee’s and I really wanted to get one for Oscar. Buying one turned out to be  expensive , and the DIY method seemed difficult [I don’t own a sewing machine]. So I was kind of bummed we wouldn’t have one. A few weeks ago, I happened across this post on the blog “Cakies” where Rubyellen made an A-Frame tent. Although her version was 99% perfect, her version still required sewing. So I modified her idea to be a no sew alternative to a teepee and her A-Frame idea. And this is what I made….

I LOVE it. So it’s REALLY easy to do. (And so does Oscar as you can see above.) Before I get into my instructions, if you do decide to tackle this project you should see Rubyellens step by step as it is awesome. So my version of the project is broken in to 3 Parts [1] The Frame [2] The Cover and [3] Bunting Flag.

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What you Need:
Four x 2×2’s 6 feet or longer  [we choose cedar], 1 5/8th Doweling 4 feet (4 feet is also the width of the tarp in the next section … the tarp dictated the lenght of the doweling because I didn’t want to sew pieces of fabric together.]

1. Cut the 4 2×2’s to your desired height. We chose to do them approximately 6 feet tall. Measure from the top of the poles (equal distance on each piece) where you doweling will go. We chose to drill ours 14″ down from the top. Drill a hole 5/8″ in size (the size of the diameter of the doweling) through the middle of all four. Building the tent all you do is put the doweling through (as seen in the picture) and done!

[2] THE COVER,What you need:Fabric. We chose a paint tarp from Home Depot that was cotton, and 4ft c 22ft. Cost $18.00, Pack of Grommets and a Grommet Tool. Ribbon (we used 1/5″ ribbon) or string, to tie the tarp to the tent.

 I went with the painters tarp from Home Depot for the fact that it was easy and available, inexpensive, already hemmed and  I liked organic look of the cotton. It was a ready make tent cover in a bag! But you need to a way to secure the tarp to the poles, so that you have a functioning tent. Variation on the original concept: The original instructions called for a elastic but I bought grommets so that I could neatly tie a ribbon/string through and tie the tarp to the poles.


What you need:
Fabric or Felt. Ribbon or String. Glue Gun. I used a 1.5″ ribbon.

Instructions: Cut a ribbon the lengh of the tent + plus some on either end to accound for tieing it to the poles. Just glue gun cut triangles onto a ribbon. As a side note, I’ve tried a variety of ways of making bunting flags and this is by far the easiest. (I made a no sew one for his nursery [here] and a no sew felt one for his birthday [here]. I also made a few products in my shop have the bunting theme. [here])  Now, although his birthday one was awesome – it took awhile to tie each one together. So I’m a bigger fan of the glue + go method I did.

CLEAN UPThe beauty of this project is that the tent frame easily folds up and you can tuck it away. We have ours outside, and I bring in the cover and flags. , You simply untie the ribbon (I tie the ribbon into bows to make sure the ribbon doesn’t go missing) I take off the bunting flag and neatly fold it up, ready for the next play time.

And there you have it. Now, the original idea I have to again credit Rubyellen who inspired this. We just modified it slightly considering I have no sewing machine, or even sewing skills. I hope you too are inspired.
xo Lindsay

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