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Doing a reno for resale, but also for enjoyment

Although I’m bummed we can’t afford a kitchen reno right now, I’m taking great delight in planning what our kitchen “could” be. Why I am focusing on this kitchen reno idea? Taking out the emotion of loving the house, it boils down to resale. Although we’re not moving any time soon, we will likely move one day.

You see, we’ve improved the entire rest of the house with the exception of our Master Bathroom. Not doing the kitchen will be a glaring “to-do” for buyers and in my mind, devalue the rest of our investment. [We brought in a local real estate agent who confirmed that thought].
But then there is the enjoyment factor. I’d like to do the reno so we can actually enjoy the kitchen, instead of doing it for someone else. I hate thinking resale because it makes you think it’s not your home. But it is our home and I’d love to enjoy the “new” kitchen as well as know it was a solid investment.

Aub and I have no idea how much it would cost us. You see numbers floating around of costs but until we actually hunker down and do spread sheets of expenses we’re not sure what we’re in for.  So Aubrey and I are on board to start researching and planning. Therefore, we’re educated and prepared and know a good deal when we see one. Right now the kitchen table is filled with papers of measurements and magazines as we casually look over designs and talk about our wish list. It’s kind of nice not having the money to do it right now because there is no pressure. So here is what we’re doing…

1. Looking for inspiration. The kitchen in Style at Homes March 2008 by Margot Austin is one I’ve always had in mind, as it is a small (like ours). Done primarily in IKEA it’s something that would be awesome to do.

2. Researching Appliances for a small space. Something I hadn’t been prepared for is figuring out appliances as they dictate cabinetry. Did I mention our dishwasher is leaking? So not only is our fridge on the brink of blowing up, our dishwasher is about to join it.

3. Measuring the space. It’s good to have the dimensions so we can start researching cabinet sizes, counters, sinks. Oh, well, everything. So Aubrey went through and measured the whole kitchen and I’m translating that into a nicely drawn drawing on the computer.

I know. Pretty boring but all in all kind of fun. Like I said, no pressure because we know we can’t do it right now but it means that we can take our time researching and in the end, be prepared. If you did a kitchen reno how long did it take you to plan? Did it cost more than you thought? Any advice to bestow upon us?

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