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perfection in imperfection

We’re lucky to have a Family cottage. We’ve had this awesome little gem of a place for over 20 years. It’s on a small lake, and we have our own little private beach, but on the other side of the property it is all awesome rocks, so you can dive right into deep water. One side is awesome for little kids, the other for us bigger kids. We used to cottage on Georgian Bay, which was a completely different cottage experience. Long wide beaches, awesome waves. I sometimes miss that, the sound of the waves rolling in is pure bliss to me. This cottage on a smaller lake is the opposite. It is private and quiet. But now with Oscar, I’m appreciating this little spot a lot more.

I thought we’d last only a few days but once we got up there, it was heaven. Oscar played on the beach, started walking and was thrilled to have other people other than Aubrey and I around to play with him. He was a totally different kid.

[1] Look at him making some bold moves on the beach! [2] After his 2nd ever boating experience (life jacket was on him, it’s just not in this photo so don’t freak out) [3] Loved holding my Moms hand as he practiced walking [4] Um. Had to throw this in there. Kawartha Ice Cream. Yum. [5] My sister Jennifer is amazeballs with him. The two of them bonded the week at the cottage [6] Don’t you love giggles?

You know what is the best about this cottage? It has orange carpet. Wood panel walls. Big old chairs that are brown. Mismatched bed sheets. If I was designing a cottage, my god, this would *not* be what I would do, but because it is SO casual and laid back you just wind up enjoying yourself and not caring. You can curl up on the big chair and not worry if you got sand from the beach on the floor. The imperfections, are what makes it perfect. So to those thinking of buying a cottage, or renting – don’t pass up the cottages that look like they are from the 70’s….you may find that you love it that much more because it is so imperfect.

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