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Kitchen Renovations, Where to start

white kitchen inspiration
It’s no secret that we want to do our kitchen. After failed attempts at entering kitchen contests, we’re staring still at our 1980’s kitchen. Part of the problem is that I know our kitchen doesn’t look that bad when you see what some people enter into these contests.  Sometimes I feel like ripping out the cabinetry, throwing paint everwhere, and then taking a picture to submit. Maybe then a kitchen panel would feel sorry for me. Although we have no budget right now for it, after thinking about how BIG of a project it would be, we should start considering ideas and start looking at what we do have to spend. It’s probably better to get an idea of what we *would* do ahead of time.

Above is probably my ideal look shown in the House and Home Kitchen & Bath Issue. Isn’t it looovely. 🙂 At the recommendation of my Mom, I’m weighing the concept of hiring a designer to come in and help with the layout. They may be able to help us maximize the space in our small area, and how to utilize the eat in kitchen. All of this being said, I’m pretty sure appliances have to be figured out first. (Which is great because our fridge is making crazier noises than before!)

House & Home Magazine, Photo by Michael Graydon

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