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We’re back from a week at the cottage. I didn’t really announce that we were away. So…umm…surprise! We’re back. It was a wonderful week with my family which I will blog about. Basically it was pure relaxation and eating Kawartha Ice Cream daily. I think I gained back the 10 pounds I just lost.

While I gather my thoughts, reply to e-mails and I do laundry, I thought I’d remind people about our “Company Review” section on our blog. What reminded me about this page was that I’ve been getting e-mails from stores + contractors that have been mentioned throughout the site and especially on this page, telling me that they’ve had new customers referred to them. This makes me happy, because as a small business owner myself, I know how important word of mouth is. The companies we’ve listed we adore, and hope that you love them just as much.

If you didn’t know about this page, it may be helpful especially if you’re in Toronto. If we don’t like a company, we don’t mention them. It is as simple as that. So if you’re doing some reno work, check this page as we have been uber happy with these people.

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