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New Windows: Step 1, Front of the house

downloadLast week was the week that we got our new windows.We hired Fieldstone, a Toronto window company to replace all of the windows in our house on the main floor and second floor of our house (with the exception of our TV room which wasn’t in the budget this time) Here are some photos from the front of the house being worked on. (To see previous window posts click here)


Photos of the front of the house 1. New living room window is in place  2. Oscar’s Bedroom (2nd floor large window) is in 3. The Living room Window with the new trim installed by Fieldstone waiting for me to prime  4. As the windows are being removed! 5. The most hated window ever, being removed


Because we worked with a budget, here is an an idea how we decided where to spend funds. I’ve shown you what we did for the front of the house vs. the back. The options that are the same price have no arrows. with the red arrows are the more expensive option, vs the green. You can see that we spent more on the front, vs, the back.

 download3Although financially we didn’t splurge on the back (compared to what we did in the front) the back is absolutely beautiful, I’ll post pictures of the back of the house tomorrow.

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