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Our house needs colour. I’m craving it like I craved banana Popsicles when I was pregnant. We’re gearing up to add colour to the house via art. Now, I wish we could run out and invest in original art, but we’ve chosen to invest in the basics (like the chairs), and we also have a possible kitchen reno and bathroom reno in the future that we have to save for. One day we can afford real art. Right now we’re all about the DIY. Now, as with any project I’ve started to look of inspiration.

Lonny has actually been a great resource for modern art inspiration. In the December issue, I spotted this photo of Eileen Kathryn Boyds house and fell in love of the pink pillows on the couch and also the big art above the couch. Perhaps I could do some watercolour project that would give me a similar look?

Then there is this photo, oh how I adore that green in the art.

Above is a screen shot from the Lonny July/August issue. Maybe if I blew up a HUGE photo that I have taken, and frame it like they have. Or maybe I could do a huge piece like this that is from Eileen Kathryn Boyds portfolio. (Actually she has TONS of wonderful art incorporated into most of her designs)

The options are endless, but you can see where I’m going with the colour. The decision now is how to do the art in a relatively easy + inexpensive way.

xo Lindsay
(Oh, and PS, I am kind of obsessing over those blue and green pillows in the last picture.)

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