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Hunting for a fridge….

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Our current fridge is making gun shot sounds in the middle of the night and likely is going to blow up someday soon. Other days it decides to freeze our food, confusing itself with the freezer above. We’re excited at the prospect of a bigger fridge and one that doesn’t waste energy but we’ve found that we’re having to consider an unscheduled kitchen renovation when we do this purchase. When we moved into our house, the fridge was in an awful location. See how it blocks the doorway?

Skipping over a few gory details about how the fridge was less than sanitary – we got the city to pick it up and my Mom and Dad gave us a fridge that was from the cottage. Instead of moving the  fridge back to the original location (blocking the doorway), we moved it into the eat in kitchen. This new location also meant that we could fit in a dishwasher to it’s old footprint.

Fast forward to today and after living with the fridge in the eat in kitchen for three years, we’ve realized that it needs to move back into the kitchen. But we can’t move it back in, because it means tearing apart the cabinetry. The best location is likely where the oven is. (See the photo below)

And so, we’ve decided to buy a fridge that will be counter depth and work in this location for when we eventually do a renovation. When that reno happens I have no idea.

And so, we start the hunt for a counter depth fridge. Anyone have one that they can recommend? Do you like the freezer side by side with the fridge or is the pull out freezer drawer a cool thing? The problem with counter depth fridges is that they are smaller – so we’re trying to find one that works for a growing family. Would love input.

Ps., I’ve been entering every single kitchen reno contest I can find like this Merillat “Works like a Dream” contest that I got a PR release for – I’m so entering this contest.

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