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Family Photos, a home visit….

As I posted about in June , Aubrey and I comissioned Leigh, the owner of Tynan Studio here in Toronto to take some family photos of the three of us.  Leigh came over for a second round of photos photographing Oscar in his natural environment.

These photos melt my heart, his sweet ruffled hair, bohemian shirt, and my favourite print from Sarah Jane in the back, and his beautiful Jenny Lind Crib from Dear-Born Baby. After these shots we headed to our garden where the beautiful green of the willow tree gives the backdrop for an amazing photo. I love this one of me tossing Oscar up into the air.

For Oscar, he did a lot better at the second round of photos at our house. If you’re doing a family photo session I would kind of encourage you to consider the “home” visit or doing a shoot close to home, and the extra cost for travel expenses for the photographer are probably well worth it. Oscar is a pretty expressive guy, so him being in his “natural” environment resulted in some great photos. I get to go see them all in person at a preview in August, and then we have to pick some and decide where in our house they will go. Anyhow, I just thought you’d love to see these photos. I LOVE them.

Photograhpy by Leigh Tynan at Tynan Studio

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