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Ordinary item and turning it into art

Here is a ridiculously easy and awesome project when you have an unusual item, and are in need of some art. This piece would work as a great project for art for a childs room. I did this awhile ago when I was getting used to my new mat cutter.
1. I took a mini Playmobile figure that my brother and I found when cleaning out the garage. I snuck him home… 2. I cut a new square mat on my new mat cutter and added a few dallops of glue on to the back of he guy. 3. Glued him to the new matting and was done. 🙂



It’s sitting beside the replica of my first car – my red Mini Cooper with a white top.
One day I will reveal the hilarious story behind the car.


It’s worked its way around my studio, resting finally here in the washroom. You needn’t go through the garage like I did to find something like this – if your little one has an interest, or a theme for their room, or maybe you want to make a funny gift for someone you can pick up a similar Playmobile figure at someplace like MastermindToys.
(Art Print from my shop at

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